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Forum Rules

10 Sep 2012, 13:59

Forum Rules

This topic contain official rules and is treated as extension of out Terms of Service. Not following them will result in penalties described at the end of this post.

1. Forbidden content and behaviour
  • swearing
  • insulting
  • advertising
  • spam
  • pornography
  • offensive images
  • keygens, cracks, warez, viruses, trojans, leaked files/information
  • any other illegal content
  • posting in languages other english (except sections where other other languages may be explictly permitted)
  • double posting (use edit option instead)
  • writing with CAPSLOCK
  • asking for more HWID resets
2. Additional rules for VIP members

It's not allowed to:
  • disclosing any information about cheats in public section
  • posting topics, sending PMs to staff members about HWID resets (if you need a HWID reset there is a special topic for that purpose in VIP section)
  • posting before searching, espcially asking about things that were explained in News/Announcements
3. Penalties

Depending on severity of the offence, one of following penalties can be used by staff members:
  • warning
  • forum ban (limited in time or permanent)
  • termination of license (for customers only, can be issued only Administrator for excessive rule breaking which is treated same way like Terms of Service violations)

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