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New features

11 Aug 2012, 22:57

From this day Cold Team officialy supports TCI WolfTeam China (WCS).

Also a totally new feature was added - Rapid Fire. You can now shoot with godly speed of over 50 bullets per second!

Another news is about Power/Ex Items. 16 of them has been added: (for WTS and WCS)
- Penalty Zero - no penalty for leaving the game in progress
- No Suicidal Explosion - you won't get killed by own explosives
- 2nd Wolf Mutation - no paying for special wolfs anymore
- WolfKing items - 3 new powerful wolfs for wolfhunt mode
- 6 wolf skill up's - boost your powers
- 6 wolf strengthening items - choose your new default wolf for non-wolf game modes


EDIT: Only some of those items on some servers are working as of 04.09.12. I give no guarantee about them and they might be removed in the future.

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