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Cold Team G4 - Trailer

25 Apr 2015, 16:13

Dear members,

Cold Team G4 release is coming! We've prepared a short trailer for you to present some of the key changes of upcoming release. Also don't forget to subscribe to our official youtube channel.

Major highlights:
  • Visuals
    * Introduced configurable chams
    * Improved wallhack
  • HP & Armor Hacks
    * Those new features give you full control over your HP and Armor values, make yourself more powerful than ever
  • Inventory Hack & Character Hack
    * Both were completely rewritten, Character Hack is now included as a part of your Inventory
    * Character Hack can be automatically synchronized with HP & Armor Hack
    * New weapons and characters
  • Aimbot
    * New aiming algorithm for perfect accuracy
    * Added new Trigger Bot mode, fire automatically at enemier under your crosshair
  • ... and more ;)
Cold Team G4 is ready, but are YOU ready for its arrival?

DON'T WAIT FOR THE RELEASE! Join our community today and experience the benefits of our VIP membership.

Cold Team G4 is going to be released on 2nd of May so don't waste your time and join us now.

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