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Cold Team G4 Release

02 May 2015, 15:58

Dear members,

Cold Team G4 has been released and our sales are open! Payment system has been modified and our VIP membership is now offered in 3 different packages (1, 2 or 3 months). If you want to become our VIP member visit our FAQ for more information.

Major highlights of Cold Team G4:
  • Visuals
    * Introduced configurable chams
    * Improved wallhack
  • HP & Armor Hacks
    * Those new features give you full control over your HP and Armor values, make yourself more powerful than ever
  • Inventory Hack & Character Hack
    * Both were completely rewritten, Character Hack is now included as a part of your Inventory
    * Character Hack can be automatically synchronized with HP & Armor Hack
    * New weapons and characters
  • Aimbot
    * New aiming algorithm for perfect accuracy
    * Added new Trigger Bot mode, fire automatically at enemier under your crosshair
  • ... and more ;)

Video: Cold Team G4 Trailer

Also I've extended all existing subscriptions. Bonus of 7 days has been applied to celebrate this special event :)

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