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27 Oct 2019, 15:24

C an i buy coldhackers when i play the international service game? i play international wolfteam games in china?
i can use vpn

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Re: VPN???

27 Oct 2019, 16:26

No, you can't.

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Re: VPN???

08 Apr 2020, 04:01

No, you can't.
2020 can chinese users use the cold hack??. can we use vpn to buy it and use it in other wolfteam serves(not wcs). if we can not,can you tell me the reason. we chinese really need this the most powerful hack. if chinese can use it ,we will tell our friends who are also playing wolfteam to buy it although it is value 15 dollars. hope you can think again. we do not want to hurt anyone!!! thanks. i just hope people are equal to people whereever he comes from! thanks

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