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Cold Team Evolved Released

23 May 2020, 05:54

I'm product to announce that probably the most highly anticipated version of Cold Team ever is finally here. Cold Team Evolved has been officially released!

Features for Cold Team Classic and Cold Team Evolved are the same and list is as always on our homepage. Classic and Evolved differ in game versions and OS support. After a year of break Cold Team Evolved brings back full Aeria WolfTeam support!

Cold Team Classic
Price: 15 USD/month (unchanged)
Supported operating systems:
  • Windows 7 x86/x64
  • Windows 10 x86/x64
Supported game versions (XignCode WolfTeam versions):
  • Softnyx WolfTeam MENA/Arabic/International (WTMNIS)
  • Softnyx WolfTeam Latino (WLS)
  • Softnyx WolfTeam Brasil (WPS)
Cold Team Evolved
Price: 17.50 USD/month
Supported operating systems:
  • Windows 10 x64
Supported game versions (EasyAntiCheat WolfTeam versions):
  • Joygame WolfTeam Turkey (WTS)
  • Aeria WolfTeam United States (AUS)
  • Aeria WolfTeam Germany (ADE)
  • Aeria WolfTeam France (AFR)
You can purchase subscription of your choice via Subscription Panel. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in our Pre-Sale Section

(If you are VIP member already please read this topic containing extra information)

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