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Pre-Sale FAQ

15 Sep 2013, 00:00

In this topic we have collected answers to the most popular questions asked by our members. VIP members have access to extended version of this FAQ which contains a lot of VIP-specific information for example regarding usage of Cold Team.

1) How can I gain access to Cold Team?
Cold Team is available for free for our VIP members.

2) How to become a VIP member?
To experience all the benefits of our community you need to purchase a VIP subscription. This process is very easy and can be completed within 10 minutes:
1. Register/login on forums
2. Go to "My subscription" panel (link at the top of every forum page)
3. Pick your payment method and package
4. Complete the payment process
6. Wait for our system to process your payment (usually within 15 minutes after purchase).
7. When your subscription becomes active you will be notified with a private message containing all of the instructions

3) What payment methods are accepted?
We accept the PayPal and any major credit card (using "Guest Payments" feature of PayPal which does not require PayPal account).

4) How long is the subscription period?
You can choose one of three supported plans. We currently offer 1, 2 and 3 month packages.

5) Do you sell lifetime subscriptions?
No, we are not selling them and we will never sell them.

6) I want to buy a subscription for a longer period of time. Is that possible?
Yes, of course. Subscription periods are cumulative. For example if you buy two 2-month packages and single 1-month package, you will receive 2 * 2 + 1 = 5 months total.

7) Are Cold Team updates free for VIP members?
Yes, they are free as all other content from the VIP section which includes updates, tools and Cold Team itself.

8) What are the features of Cold Team?
Please refer to the full Cold Team specification at our homepage.

9) What operating systems are supported by Cold Team?
Please refer to the full Cold Team specification at our homepage.

10) What game versions/servers are supported by Cold Team?
Please refer to the full Cold Team specification at our homepage.

11) Do you have any screenshots or videos?
Yes, we have them at our homepage. Also you can find many videos of Cold Team in action made by our users on YouTube.

12) Do you have a trial version of Cold Team?
No, there are no trial/demo versions of Cold Team.

13) Is Cold Team compatible with Deep Freeze?
We have a special compatibility plugin for Cold Team called Ice Key which allows it to run on Deep Freeze protected systems. As everything at Cold Hacks it's free for our VIP members.

14) My english isn't very good and I'd like to receive full support in my native language. Is that possible?
Here at Cold Hacks we offer full support only in english, however we have resellers that may offer additional services like extended support in different languages or payment methods.

15) I'm afraid of scammers. Is buying from resellers safe?
Yes, but only if you buy from our official resellers. Official resellers are verified partners that cooperate with Cold Hacks. Our resellers are allowed to provide all VIP content from our forums to their customers. We choose them very carefully to make sure they will provide you with a great customer service and additional services like other payment methods, support in languages other than english, etc. List of our official resellers is available here.

16) What is current sales status?
Public sales are currently OPEN. That means you can become VIP right now. Sales will not be open for long so better be quick. Former customers and active VIP members can extend their subscriptions regardless of public sales status.

17) Sales are closed. When they are going to be open again?
We don't know. Usually they are opened without prior notification so please check our website from time to time. Sales status can be looked up here and in "My subscription" panel.

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