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Warning against Paribu

It has come to my attention that several customers had problems with their ETH payments in recent days. All payments had one thing in common, they were sent via Paribu. It seems that in Paribu started silently rounding payments to 6 decimal places only. ETH is divisible up to 18 decimal places, so any platform that rounds amounts to anything less than 18 places will cause problems for its users.

Example that demonstrates the issue:
We ask you to pay 0.0239925 ETH
You order Paribu to pay 0.0239925 ETH
Paribu REALLY pays: 0.023992 ETH
Result: Payment cannot be processed automatically because of amount mistmatch

Currently we recommend to AVOID using Paribu to make payments. You can still use it to purchase crypto currencies but transfer all acquired coins to your personal wallet before making transactions with Cold Hacks. Actually that's how you always should use cryptocurrencies. NEVER keep your coins in wallet provided by 3rd party for longer than you have to! We recommend My Ether Wallet for creating personal wallets that you REALLY OWN.

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