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Cold Team G9 Released

Cold Team G9 has been released! Aside from several minor improvements we have a bunch of new features as well:
  • Character Cards - Inventory Hack now supports Character Card system allowing you to empower your character with extra bonuses from over 2000 cards available
  • Gift Redeemer - automatically redeems all items in your gift box, this is a great addition to our existing Coupon Redeemer feature
  • Wolf View Boost - increases camera distance in 3rd person view in wolf mode, this feature provides much greater range and control than any Wolf View power item available in-game
  • Reworked Ex-Items - G9 offers you precise control over Ex-Items in Inventory Hack and adds new supported items
  • Inventory and Character Hack - several new items are available
Join us now! Purchase Cold Team Classic and/or Cold Team Evolved from subscription panel.

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